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VPN Connections - Windows / Macintosh
VPN Connections - Windows / Macintosh
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Connecting via VPN on Windows 10

1. At the windows search bar on the bottom left, type in VPN settings

2. Using the information on the proxy page, fill out the settings for your VPN

3. For connection name you may label it whatever you’d like

4. For server name or address, type in the L2TP server IP/host on your proxy page.

5. For VPN type, select L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key

6. For Pre-shared key, enter the L2TP Secret/Pre-Shared Key (PSK) of vhosting

7. Your User name will be the L2TP username on your proxy page

8. Your password will be the password you use to sign into the vivid-hosting portal alternatively you may also use the Proxy UUID located on your proxy license page as the password.

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9. In case things don't work, try using these settings:

Connecting via VPN on Mac

1. On your Proxy license page, download the Blue VPN profile label “iOS/macOS Profile (Standard)”

2. Open the newly downloaded file named “vpn.mobileconfig” in your downloads.

3. Navigate to system preferences and then click on profiles

4. In the profiles tab, you should see the profile you just downloaded. The profile name should match your proxy license ID which is located on your proxy license page.
-Click install at the top right

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5. Go back to Network which was located in system preferences.

6. Find the newly downloaded profile on the left side and click connect.

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SoftEther vpn setup

Users can use the softether client instead of the built in windows-VPN tool to easily connect via VPN connection.

1. Download the soft ether client from the Softether Site selecting options that fit your needs.

2. On the proxy license page under VPN profile click on SoftEther VPN profile to download the vpn profile. Accept the import file prompt.

3. From the VPN connection settings Name list select the proxy license you want to connect to right click its name then click connect. Once the DHCP server has provided a IP address your VPN connection will be completed and ready to use.

Successful VPN connection image

You are now connected to your proxy via VPN connection.

Connecting to VPN with OPENVPN

Note: This article assumes you have already downloaded the OpenVPN program

  1. Download the OPENVPN Profile from your proxy portal

  2. Extract the downloaded file

  3. Locate the main directory for OPENVPN, default should be C:\Program C:\Users\*Username*\OpenVPN

  4. Drag and drop the extracted OPENVPN Profile into the config folder located in (C:\*Username*\OpenVPN\Config)

  5. Once the file has been moved into the config folder open the OPENVPN GUI and connect to the newly added profile.

    1. You should now connect to the profile.

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