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How to pay with Crypto Correctly
How to pay with Crypto Correctly

If you don't use proper method your payment will be lost

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If you are wanting to pay with crypto either to pay for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or just top up your balance on your account, follow these steps to do it correctly so you don't lose your payment.

  1. Once you choose the type of product you want or are topping up funds you will be greeted with this type of screen:

  2. Please take note of the Coinbase Payment ID in the address bar of your browser. This will help us find your payment once it's been sent.

  3. Choose the type of currency you want to pay with.

  4. Only pay to the wallet address that is showing.

  5. Once you make the payment you will need to wait until all the confirmations are completed.

  6. If your payment never seems to make it to our side please reach out to support using the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of every page. Make sure you have your Coinbase Payment ID (as shown above) along with a hash transaction number.

Here is a video explaining how to make payment

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