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Changing Outbound IP Address / Reset Button Usage
Changing Outbound IP Address / Reset Button Usage

IP Change

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  • The green “Fast Reset” button allows you to quickly change the IP of your proxy without restarting the modem. This process usually never takes more than 15 seconds. Though in those 15 seconds the modem will be unresponsive so you will not be able to test the license during the IP reset window. If the fast reset fails to grab a new IP address it will automatically issue a Hard Reset IP.

  • The yellow “Hard Reset & Synchronize Credentials” button can be used when facing connectivity issues with the modem. This will power cycle the modem which can take up to a couple of minutes to fully boot back up. The modem will also synchronize your credentials on the portal with the proxy. If fast resets fail to provide you with a new IP issuing this command will sometimes resolve your issue.

  • The red “Hard Reset IP & Reboot Proxy” will power cycle the proxy and the modem. These hard resets will take around three to five minutes to complete during which time you will not be able to disconnect the modem from its current location or do any testing as both the proxy and modem boot back up. The Hard reset button can resolve a multitude of proxy related issues. If you are unable to connect to a proxy and you know you have your credentials input correctly give this button a try before contacting support for assistance.

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