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General Help - Proxy License Tools (Change locations/ IP Whitelisting/ Auto IP Renewal)
General Help - Proxy License Tools (Change locations/ IP Whitelisting/ Auto IP Renewal)
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Changing Locations


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1. If you’d like to move the license to a different location, just scroll down to the bottom of the proxy license page and you will see all our available locations. MultiHop users will be able to move around to all of our available locations at without a limit while SingleHop users can only move twice.

2. Simply click on the connect button and provided there is a modem available your license will disconnect from its current location and reconnect to a new modem in the location you requested.

IP Whitelisting - Setup an IP whitelist

1. Setting an IP Whitelist will allow you to connect to your proxy while bypassing inputting credentials.

2. To enable IP Whitelist, go to the proxy license page you want to set up IP whitelist on and Press the Green Enable IP Whitelist button.

3. The license page will now look like this.

4. Enabling whitelisting will disconnect you from your current proxy so you will need to reconnect to a new one.

5.Once whitelisting is enabled you’ll now see a Set IP Whitelist button.

6.Click “Set IP Whitelist”and input the IP you would like to whitelist CIDR form. An example of a CIDR format address is or

- If you’re unsure what IP to set, you can find your public IP by going to at the top of the page you’ll find your public IP address which you can set to be whitelisted by setting the whitelist IP as xx.xx.xx.xx/32 where the x’s represent your public ip address.

Remember, if you’re connected to a line and you disable whitelist, it will automatically disconnect you from the modem.

Auto IP Renewal - setting up Auto IP Renewal

Enabling and setting this will automatically allow the proxies to grab a new IP after a defined amount of time.

1. To set a timer for the Auto IP renewal, click “Enable Auto IP Renewal”

2. Now you can set a timer from 1 minute up to 1440 minutes before the next IP change.

Once you set the Auto-Renewal interval you'll see the time for the next scheduled IP change.

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