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TCP Fingerprint Spoofing
TCP Fingerprint Spoofing
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Our TCP Fingerprint Spoofing tool allows you to mask your device so that the proxy and OS look like a match to online services that are starting to look at additional fingerprints outside of browser/user-agent fields. Internally we use to check that the fingerprint and OS match.

  1. From your proxy license page you will have a TCP Fingerprint Spoofing bar where you can set your TCP Fingerprint as a linux/Android / macOS/iOS / or WIndows device.

  2. The TCP Fingerprint tool requires our V3 proxy image, if the image is not installed you will see the following response.

    1. Contact our helpdesk through intercom and copy paste the server response into chat and one of our Engineers will update your proxy to the latest version. This takes around 10 minutes on average.

  3. When your TCP Fingerprint is set correctly (V3 Image is installed) you will see a message letting you know the fingerprint was applied with the fingerprint of your choosing.

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