SocksDroid setup

To set up a socks5 proxy on your android phone follow the following steps

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  1. Download SocksDroid from the google play store

  2. Use the SOCKS5 proxy IP information from your proxy portal fill out the required information on SocksDroid (example below)

  3. Use the image below as an example of the proper setup for SocksDroid, you will want to ensure you have input the same SOCKS5 Proxy IP from your proxy portal and that you have set the Server Port to 9000 next you need to enable Username and Password Authentication and you will need to set the username as proxy and the password as what your proxy portal says.

    1. IF YOU USE EASYPORT make sure to use the ip and port provided on your proxy portal and be sure to use the SOCKS5 proxy type when you enable easyport.
      Once the above steps are completed toggle the button at the top so it looks like the image below.

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