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Here is a list of common questions that get asked by our customers

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What is the difference between singlehop and multihop licenses?

With our singlehop licenses you are able to move to ANY of our available locations up to two times before your proxy is locked to a single location. You can still issue IP changes but you will only rotate though Ips in the location your proxy is currently connected to. Multihop licenses will allow you to move to any of our available locations as often as you like with no limitations, this gives you access to more Ips since each location has its own IP pool.

How many concurrent threads can be used on my proxy?

we allow up to 1000 threads per proxy however each proxy only provides a single ip address per license.

So, if you needed to set up 100 computers with separate ip addresses it would require 100 separate proxy licenses.

Can I connect via VPN on multiple devices simultaneously? Can I also connect to multiple cities simultaneously while using the same proxy, from different devices?

You shouldn't have any issues connecting to multiple devices via VPN but you can only have your proxy connected to one location at a time. As a reminder each proxy license will only provide you with one mobile IP.

If you require each device to have its own IP or have them all in separate locations it would require you to purchase multiple licenses .

Where/what is the password for my proxy?

On your proxy page ( there will be a username and password field below your HTTP and Socks5 information, you can find your proxy credentials there if you do not have whitelisting enabled. If Whitelisting is enabled there will not be a username / password on your proxy page.

Why can’t I connect via API?

Connecting VIA API connection also requires you authenticate your account. You will need to use your proxy portal credentials which should have been emailed to you when your billing portal was created it should have the prefix “mh_” in front of it, for example: [email protected]. Credentials to use the API are not the same username and password you use on your billing portal page.

What are the methods that I can pay with?

You can pay via PayPal or Coinbase. These are the two methods that we currently allow.

Can I get a refund on my proxy…?

Our refund policy allows customers that have paid for weekly or monthly licenses to request a refund as long as the request is submitted within 24 hours of payment delivery. Additionally, a refund may also be issued if you are unable to connect to your proxy and our support team is unable to resolve the issue within a 24-hour period or if we are unable to deliver your requested proxy license and plan as requested.

We are unable to provide refunds for our hourly, daily, and 2 day single and multi-location licenses.

Are these IP’s static? Can you offer me a static IP?

The IP’s that we offer can not be considered static. Due to the nature of mobile proxies we can't guarantee that your IP will remain the same throughout the duration of your license plan as carriers can and will force ip changes and if your proxy has an issue it will need to be rebooted to resolve most issues which will change the IP address. For the above reasons we are unable to offer static ip mobile proxies.

My PayPal payment has not gone through.

It is possible your payment is on hold or under review by PayPal. Contact our support team on intercom to get more information on the issue, in most cases PayPal will take a few days to release the funds which will allow our automated system to provide you with your proxy license.

Why have I been flagged with fraud on my payment?

Our systems may have flagged your payment as suspicious. In order to pay via PayPal you will need to complete the verification process by following this link once you have completed verification notify our live chat team by visiting and clicking on the blue chat bubble at the bottom right.

If you do not want to verify your account, you can also bypass this message by paying with crypto via coinbase instead.

I’ve paid for my proxy, but still haven’t received it.

If you paid with crypto currency this can take some time to be verified to the blockchain. We do not have any control over this. The time it takes to be verified and can range from 10 minutes to two hours depending on the network of the coin you paid with. Once we receive notification from CoinBase that your payment has been confirmed our automated system will provide you with your proxy license.

My proxy is showing a different state than the location I selected, why?

The way that mobile proxies work is that we provide you with an IP straight from the cellular carrier. While this provides you with the best IP reputation you are also bound to whatever IP the carriers are providing. Carriers can and do move IP blocks around all the time based on location needs or whatever criteria they have to move blocks around. So it is entirely possible and as of late common that instances like this where you have say a proxy connected in the Shreveport, LA location but when you check the IP it looks like you are getting an apparent Dallas IP proxy.
If you'd like further proof of this take a look at the response direct from a Verizon representative.
Rest assured you are getting the EXACT same ips you would if you were sitting in the middle of Shreveport right this second.

Can I use this with my mobile device?

Yes, we offer support to help you connect our proxies to your phone via VPN and Socks5 connections. iOS only supports VPN at this time.

What is this SMS number on my proxy page?

This is something that we are currently beta testing and is not available to be public yet. It does not affect your proxy and you can disregard it at this moment.

Can I get a discount on a single location?

No, the singlehop options are not discountable. We’ve already made them as affordable as we can and cannot offer a discount here.

What ports do you use for your proxies?

HTTP: 8000
SOCKS5: 9000

If you enabled Easyport then you will be assigned a random port.

How many IPs can I get?

Most locations have 4 /19s which equates to around 32,768 ips, a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles would be many times this size though we don't have an estimation on how large that pool is.

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