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Setting up your proxy as an HTTP connection with Firefox
Setting up your proxy as an HTTP connection with Firefox

Use these steps to set up your proxy for an HTTP connection.

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1. Download and open Mozilla Firefox

2. Near the top right of the browser there are three lines indicating the options menu. Click on those three lines.

3. Near the bottom of the dropdown menu find the setting labeled Settings and click on it.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and under the network settings heading click on the “Settings…” box.

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5. The connection settings window will by default have Configure Proxy Access to the internet set to “No Proxy” change this to “Manual proxy configuration”.

6. Edit the blank field to the right of HTTP Proxy and input the HTTP/HTTPS Proxy IP Address found on your proxy license page and set the port number to 8000.

7. Check the box that says “Also use this proxy for HTTPS”

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8. Now you can click OK at the bottom right of the page.

9. After inputting the proxy information opening a new tab will cause a pop-up window to appear asking for a username and password. The username be default is proxy and the proxy password can be found on the proxy license page.

NOTE: If you set up a Whitelisted IP address you will not be prompted for credentials

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