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VPN Connections - Mobile Devices
VPN Connections - Mobile Devices
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(Paid App) Connecting your Apple device to your proxy - Easy

1. You can quickly and easily set up a vpn connection on your phone by using an app called SSTP Connect which will use the SoftEther VPN client to establish a VPN connection to your proxy

2. Download the app SSTP Connect ( on your iphone. It currently costs $2.99 at the time of this guides creation.

3. From your phone go to your proxy license page and download the SoftEther VPN profile.

4. Once Downloaded click on the file and open it with SSTP Connect, the image below may differ depending on the browser you use.

5. Accept the next few prompts from SSTP being sure to select YES for the TLS server verification question and allow when asked to add the VPN configuration. When completed you will see a new profile in the SSTP connect profiles menu.

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6. Select the newly imported profile which should be set up as your proxy license name and tick the button to the right of your license under VPN status to connect to the vpn.

7. Your phone should now be connected to your proxy license as a VPN connection.

(Free) Connecting via VPN on iPhone

1. From your phone navigate to your proxy license page, tap the green button on for the IOS profile to download the iOS VPN profile.

2. Tap allow when the browser asks to download a configuration profile.

3. Go to your iPhone settings and tap on “Profile Downloaded”

4. Tap Install at the top right to download the VPN profile. Enter your iPhone password if prompted.

5. Tap Install at the top right on the warning tab and tap install again when prompted. Done at the top right. The profile is now on your phone.

6.In iPhone settings, go to general à VPN & Device Management à VPN

7. You will see the downloaded profile, make sure that is checked and tap the switch next to Status.

8. Once successful, the switch should stay green and you will then be connected to your proxy through a VPN Connection.

Connecting via VPN on Android

1. Download the OpenVPN Connect application from the play store

2. While still on your phone navigate to your proxy license page and find the OPENVPN PROFILE under the VPN Profiles tab.

Note: if you have trouble connecting with the (UDP DEFAULT) profile try our (UDP ALTERNATIVE)

2. Download the above file and navigate to it on your phone

3. Locate the profile you downloaded on your phone and extract it; you can extract to the downloads folder.

4. Open the OpenVPN connect application again and we are going to use Import profile to add the files we just extracted.

a. From the Import Profile page click, "Upload File" then "Browse". locate the folder you extracted and select the .ovpn and .config file.

5. Press ok to import the .ovpn profile and press connect on the next page.

​6. You do not need a client certificate so when the Select Certificate notice comes up you may click "Continue"

7. If your network is able to connect to our VPN endpoint you should be successfully connected to the VPN at this point.

a. If you are unable to connect after completing step 6 then go back and download our UDP Alternative profile and repeat steps 2-6.
b. if you still have issues connecting please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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